Sunday, 23 March 2014

Scammed by rabeyazahid

So we've received another email this time involving Fiverr buyer rabeyazahid. She had purchased a contact list from the seller for Linkedin, along with with endorsements on her profile, all of which the seller provided.

Numerous times, rabeyazahid asked the seller to send the contact file to her email directly, circumventing the Fiverr TOS. This sent out alarm bells for the seller, and he adimantly decided to send it via Fiverr instead.

Despite all of this, rabeyazahid still left negative feedback on the buyers page and at no point did she try and contact the seller to resolve the issue. Thankfully, the Fiverr admins looked into this issue and deemed that the way rabeyazahid was unacceptable and removed the negative feedback she had left.

After a quick search regarding this user, it appears that she is part of a bigger team that is working for an outsourcing website. It appears that she would rather get a lot of work done for her, and then not pay for it. With unscrupulous tactics like this, we'd suggest that you stay well away from her and avoiding working with her at all costs. The same is also true of doing any business via her website since it's apparent that her and the rest of the team could potentially be untrustworthy. We have contacted her directly regarding this and will update this post accordingly.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Scammer alert! yumnatahir12345

So I've received an email from an upset buyer that. After reading over the case, I'm 100% supportive of the buyer and thus I've decided to post this on here. The buyer in question paid for 5 poems from yumnatahir12345 which came to the price of $15 for 1,000 words worth of work. This is actually a pretty reasonable price, and the poems were published by the buyer in a book.

However, after some investigating, the buyer found that these poems had merely been copied from the internet, and then sold on. Therefore, yumnatahir12345 is actively engaging in theft and copyright infringement whilst also charging the buyer at the same time! yumnatahir12345 knew that these poems would be going in a book and yet she still let the buyer publish them.

This could have landed him in a lot of hot water with the authorities over this since he too could be found to be violating international copyright law. The crux of this matter is to avoid yumnatahir12345 at all costs, use your money elsewhere.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

kulan123-Scammer ahoy!

kulan123 is a different sort of scammer, although one I've heard about far too often. What this 'delightful' individual does is buy a gig on Fiverr, accepts the order has been completed and then leaves negative feedback without prior conversation with the seller. Now, why would you want to accept the order has been completed and then give it a negative rating?
The answer is simple; competition. By doing this, kulan123 would be able to bring down the sellers rating, and then kulan123 could launch his own gig in the same niche, get a friend to order it and then get his friend to give him a positive review and thus he'll be deemed as more reliable than the seller he scammed over.
Always beware of this, and if you receive negative reviews after completing the work and the buyer hasn't previously contacted you about them being unhappy with the work, contact the Fiverr admins who would be able to help!

syfer1987- Scam Buyer Alert!

syfer1987 on Fiverr is another example of a scam buyer. He let a client carry out the graphic design work and even asked for several revisions of it. Once the work was delivered and he downloaded the work onto his PC, he cancelled the order and thus the seller didn't get any money for his hard earned work. This is totally uncalled for, and in all honesty, no one should do any work for syfer1987!

Amalik- Scam Buyer!

Amalik on Fiverr is a prime example  of a scam seller. Once I had sent the product to him, he decided that he no longer wanted the guide, even though he was fully aware of what the guide contained. In short, he just wanted it for free instead of having to pay a measly $5. Stay away from this buyer, and never do work for him, you'll never get your money!


Welcome to the Fiverr Scam List. The purpose of this blog is to expose, name and shame the buyers and sellers on Fiverr that think it's perfectly ok to take your goods/money and not deliver in return. It'll be getting updated regularly as and when I hear about more scam buyers and sellers.To submit a scam buyer or seller, please send Fiverr user name to

In the email, please include photo evidence of the scam, i.e. you've completed the work, but they've rejected it, or you've paid them and they've not delivered.